Saturday, 22 October 2011


I'm starting again in terms of getting my illustration out there, and although I mentor people who want to get into the business and lecture on the odd occasion in schools and colleges about Illustration, I am starting over! So I'm having to read my own advice and then looking for new advice too. I found these bits on the web which I thought would be useful. I found some good advice on this page. This agent, Anna Goodsoon is via my friend Andy Potts's the link. In there is a link to this website which I thought was an interesting one and useful. Hire An Illustrator.


Here is My Top Ten on “How To Become a Productive Working Illustrator in Today’s Industry.”

1. Find yourself a great Rep or Agent to represent you.  There are so many advantages in having someone who is well connected and hard working out there trying to drum up business and take care of promoting and marketing you.  That way you can concentrate on your work.  If you are lucky enough to get a great Rep or Agent with a good reputation, then you wont have to worry about the rest of this list.  If you are going solo or have not had the opportunity to sign on with someone yet, then here are few of my recommendations.  Make sure that when you do contact a rep that you never contact a Rep or Agent by addressing your email, “ Dear Sir/Madame” or “To whom it may concern”. You should take the time to address your email to the person whom you want to represent you. Never send out mass emails and especially never cc several Reps or Agents at a time. Do your homework and research before contacting anyone.  Make sure that you contact the right person for you.

Here is another site with US competitions etc...

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