Monday, 24 October 2011


I had a phone call today from a stranger, who is now not a stranger, but fellow creative with a purpose! Passed on by another friend (Mel Brown) it would seem I have made a new creative friend in Fabric. Fabric is run by the Gray's. It was Sam who called me asking if I would be part of '26 Stories of Christmas 2011' A new authorial project he is running that will mean interpreting a short story in two weeks.. Fabric, from what I can see is a place where creativity happens in the space in between all those things we do for money and so we can live our lives. So the enjoyable spaces we make for friends and chilling out at the weekend, is where the best creativity can happen, and from there small ideas are turned into reality. Something I am very much in like with and hope that I achieve in a small way by passing on links and connecting people through events and networking....Anyway go see for

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