Tuesday, 4 October 2011


My lovely friend Mel from Have a Mooch, up at PCAD (Plymouth College of Art and Design) got sent a link to the artist Brody Neuenschwanders work. Beautiful. He's a calligrapher and text artist who explores the boundaries between text and image. He does installations, sculpture, collage etc so go and see his gallery and you should be delighted at what he has there. Especially if like me, you love the work of Cy Twombly, Antoni Tapies, Rauschenberg or just beautiful hand drawn text. I was also delighted that it was he who did the calligraphy for the series of the Peter Greenaway films, which all had such a huge impact on me and my work at college, and although I have yet to see it, his repertoire includes work for the Pillow Book. Great find, thanks Mel. I feel inspired to watch all the PG films again!

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