Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I love Sigur Ros and I love the way they promote, package and put themselves, and their work out there. For me they epitomise class, integrity and a higher  quality of creative marketing. Their most recent venture is pictured here. They made a short film with a team of seamsters, who appeared to be making something. We did not know why or what, until now. They are transforming all the members suits into momentoes or "unique concert artefacts' to be included in the 'inni' special edition. 2 inch squares of the bands, unwashed suits will be included with a dvd, a vinyl 7inch, a cd, a badge and some light sensitive paper (yet to be announced why) and other such goodies. So something tangible that extends the concert experience. The competition to win the first or last editioned box set asks for the correct amount of 2 inch squares that the bands suits will make. Now that's something a bit different!

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