Sunday, 18 September 2011


I've just come back from this and was really lovely to see a movement on from last year, and still the work I liked last year holds it's gaze for me and has come out stronger than last year too. Those that stood out were Shelly Tregonning, Faye Dobinson, Emma Griffin and Pippa Young. I don't have any links as yet but maybe google them if you can?

My lovely and talented friend Faye Dobinson ( I would put a link here for her but her site is not online at the moment) is having a joint show with her fellow students on the Fine Art course at UCF. It is being curated by Lisa Wright and Faye.There is a preview this Monday at the Poly in Falmouth, which I will be going to! So if you fancy it, please pop along to see them and their great work too. I think it's up the stairs in the really large room at the back again. Last time there was live music, great great food and lots of buzzy, arty atmosphere. Worth the effort or just an excuse to get your smart casuals on and have a look! see you there.

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