Friday, 3 August 2012


PRIVATE VIEW TONIGHT, 10-12 THE STRAND, NEWLYN. you gotta go.. ya just gotta.. it's gonna be great.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


 Emma Griffin has a project running as a blog that will later become a book, about Cornish artists in their studios. Project Insight sets out to inspire others and offer an insight into the life of artists who work and live in Cornwall. All sorts of great artists are onboard, inc friends Faye Dobinson, John Kilburn and Sam Bassett and other artists such as Luke and Anthony Frost, Andrew Litten, Jayne Anita Smith and many more are coming on board every day! Emma hopes to make 100 artists and publish in the next 12 months with funding. No pictures I'm afraid as the link is not currently working but please click on the link again as it may be fixed now.


Abstract art show with Amanda Hunt and Emma Griffin starting on the 5th April and a private view on the 6th April from 6.30pm. Another great show so see you there!


New show from TAAP at the Cornwall Contemporary in Penzance..starting on Mon 5th March, with a private view on 9th March from 6.30pm 
This is going to be a great show so give it some attention when you can.

Monday, 9 January 2012

FOLIO GOOO! the final one. It's not amazing but I like bits of's all I've had time to do sooo here they all are.. just the binding design to do now and get the files ready to send, oh and pay!

I've actually posted this on the wrong blog.. oh well! see my own blog for more info!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Some work I did last month for Sam and Rob at Fabric. A solo project for Rob Self-Pierson and designed by Sam. I did the illo for the blog which will be made into a book when Rob returns from his travels. Go here to see.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

We're in Design Week!

in ref to the post below, we are in Design Week. I helped Sam at Fabric get together a few more artists and the project has hit the pages of Design week online. Go see here...Design Week 26 Stories of Christmas . So there is friend Andy Potts and former MA students, Anna Catermole, Sally Rich, Tom Hubman and John Kilburn along with friends Phil Trennery, Mel Brown and Sam Bassett. You can see the project in progress here.

Monday, 24 October 2011


I had a phone call today from a stranger, who is now not a stranger, but fellow creative with a purpose! Passed on by another friend (Mel Brown) it would seem I have made a new creative friend in Fabric. Fabric is run by the Gray's. It was Sam who called me asking if I would be part of '26 Stories of Christmas 2011' A new authorial project he is running that will mean interpreting a short story in two weeks.. Fabric, from what I can see is a place where creativity happens in the space in between all those things we do for money and so we can live our lives. So the enjoyable spaces we make for friends and chilling out at the weekend, is where the best creativity can happen, and from there small ideas are turned into reality. Something I am very much in like with and hope that I achieve in a small way by passing on links and connecting people through events and networking....Anyway go see for

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Here is a great book I found that had just been published, which has a blog to go with the book...

Here is also a great book about collage i found yesterday...Cut & Paste-21st Century Collage

And while we're on a illustration slant, there's this shop in Truro Lemon St Market...Illlustrated Living. Go see for yourself and say hi to Rosie. 


I'm starting again in terms of getting my illustration out there, and although I mentor people who want to get into the business and lecture on the odd occasion in schools and colleges about Illustration, I am starting over! So I'm having to read my own advice and then looking for new advice too. I found these bits on the web which I thought would be useful. I found some good advice on this page. This agent, Anna Goodsoon is via my friend Andy Potts's the link. In there is a link to this website which I thought was an interesting one and useful. Hire An Illustrator.


Here is My Top Ten on “How To Become a Productive Working Illustrator in Today’s Industry.”

1. Find yourself a great Rep or Agent to represent you.  There are so many advantages in having someone who is well connected and hard working out there trying to drum up business and take care of promoting and marketing you.  That way you can concentrate on your work.  If you are lucky enough to get a great Rep or Agent with a good reputation, then you wont have to worry about the rest of this list.  If you are going solo or have not had the opportunity to sign on with someone yet, then here are few of my recommendations.  Make sure that when you do contact a rep that you never contact a Rep or Agent by addressing your email, “ Dear Sir/Madame” or “To whom it may concern”. You should take the time to address your email to the person whom you want to represent you. Never send out mass emails and especially never cc several Reps or Agents at a time. Do your homework and research before contacting anyone.  Make sure that you contact the right person for you.

Here is another site with US competitions etc...

Friday, 14 October 2011


I've done the first profile of the month and it's about local band Kola. Go have a read and look them up... Heading for great things, Ryan Jones and his new band Kola are beginning to make their mark on the world so catch them now while you can...tell them I sent you.. to the right.. over there ----->

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

ART TAKES MIAMI..I need your vote!


I know I post a lot, but I need your vote, for me, for my work. please? please can you pass it on too.
I'm participating in ART TAKES Miami!
HERE'S THE LINK TO VOTE..and see the pics I've entered
hope you can help thank you...x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Debbie at Plumbline and Orchard Gallery in St Ives, has a new exhibition by Danny Fox this month. The private view is Sat 22nd Oct 7 til 9pm and looks like a great show and the gallery is really cool too! worth a visit for sure. Here's a link to his work on the Millenium Gallery site.


I found a post about Zoe Barkers book about 'Values' and a creative way of highlighting how they've changed! Values being an important part of a healthy and happy life, but today meaning an offer in Tesco's. Shame. Anyway here's Creative Boom link where I found this and a link to the Creative Boom home page....

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Emerson made are a company I love and lucky enough to own one of their items of clothing, but it's not the interview I'm posting but the site. Looked interesting and I'm hoping to work on my links with the US. I've done a fair bit of work for the US card and book market, but hoping to branch into the art / illustration market and sites like this always help. Emailing them with an interesting lead on your work maybe? anyway here you go...


My lovely friend Mel from Have a Mooch, up at PCAD (Plymouth College of Art and Design) got sent a link to the artist Brody Neuenschwanders work. Beautiful. He's a calligrapher and text artist who explores the boundaries between text and image. He does installations, sculpture, collage etc so go and see his gallery and you should be delighted at what he has there. Especially if like me, you love the work of Cy Twombly, Antoni Tapies, Rauschenberg or just beautiful hand drawn text. I was also delighted that it was he who did the calligraphy for the series of the Peter Greenaway films, which all had such a huge impact on me and my work at college, and although I have yet to see it, his repertoire includes work for the Pillow Book. Great find, thanks Mel. I feel inspired to watch all the PG films again!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


...and here is a great site that makes the 'big time' more accessible and opens up a whole new world of competition. I was introduced to Talenthouse by a friend who works at Finisterre. Holly makes hats and was one of many entries in a hat design competition. There seems to be a plethora of new sites popping up where big businesses are gaining new artwork, designs, films etc through competitions like this. It's almost the reality TV nation has moved forward and evolved into something actually really positive. There are also sites now where bands can put a virtual choice of offers and if enough people bid enough, they reach their target and everyone gets there offer for what they bid for it and if not, it all goes back to zero... winners all round. Almost creativity doing it's thing and if there's enough demand the physical production goes into play. Genius! creative pre ordering!


 I found this!... a site that offers up information from all over the world to do with art and artists etc.


I love Sigur Ros and I love the way they promote, package and put themselves, and their work out there. For me they epitomise class, integrity and a higher  quality of creative marketing. Their most recent venture is pictured here. They made a short film with a team of seamsters, who appeared to be making something. We did not know why or what, until now. They are transforming all the members suits into momentoes or "unique concert artefacts' to be included in the 'inni' special edition. 2 inch squares of the bands, unwashed suits will be included with a dvd, a vinyl 7inch, a cd, a badge and some light sensitive paper (yet to be announced why) and other such goodies. So something tangible that extends the concert experience. The competition to win the first or last editioned box set asks for the correct amount of 2 inch squares that the bands suits will make. Now that's something a bit different!

Sunday, 25 September 2011


If you missed the MA shows at UCF here is a link to the Illustration show, and here is a link to the Fine Art show. This is more a snippet of all the artists that took place but you'll get the gist. They've set up a collective page called This Will Make You Human. and then there is a show with these guys in PZ at the PZ Gallery called This Will Make You Human Too. Private view on the 1st Oct. and here is the link for info

Thursday, 22 September 2011


My studio mate, Anna sent me this about writing for children. It's good advice but it's doubly great because it's the Fonz!!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


This looks like it could be quite interesting... I'm gonna head down to the Exchange in Penzance to see it and then to the Tate St Ives for the last day of the current summer show, as I've heard its pretty fun!


And then there's the sketchbook project. I have entered this and now have to fill a sketchbook by January and sending it to New York to go on an International tour, which ends, and stays in New York. Exciting.. There is still time to enter so go and have a look. Your sketchbook on tour around the world on it's own and digitally online forever and in a library in New York after the tour. You can check how many times it;s been looked at too!


 Jocie Purcell of Shutterpod, introduced me to Enterprise Nation and now I'm signed up to emails. So here's one from them which actually has a lot of great info and advice and funding for small businesses and potential business ideas. They also have funding of £5000 every month for small businesses, and then some info about a service they have on Saturdays.... 

Saturday is start-up day

If it's Saturday, it must be start-up day. Yes, Start Up Saturdays are back! For one hour a week on Saturday mornings, you can learn from the experts how to turn your idea into a working business. Find out when and where the Start Up Saturdays are being held and sign up to get your business idea off the ground.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I was sent this by another friend Clare, she's a landscape garden designer and her business is Slate Garden Design. Anyway she sent me this link the 43 Uses of Drawing.

GATHER 24th Sept Constantine

My friend Rebecca Freeman sent me a link to an event she is attending and helping with, she did the are some details.... this is a free, one day festival this coming Saturday over near Constantine to celebrate Resurgence Magazine's 45th birthday and everyone is invited to come along and be involved. Bring a picnic, a tent if you fancy it, your trusty guitar / bongos / kazoo or some art. See or contact James Towillis for more info or it you want to get involved.


Just got this in! Very exciting! something to get your teeth into! I'm going to enter it. If only to push my boundaries, and comfort zone in order to do some new work! anyway here you go! From the Folio Society and the House of Illustration. Link below.

Monday, 19 September 2011


I am thinking of doing some new courses. My mate Sam (Bassett, mentioned below) is running an experimental drawing class at the new Newlyn School of Art and I am considering finding out more. There are other great courses on offer, including a collagraph course from Georgie Hounsome ( also mentioned below). I have also been giving a ceramics course at Truro college a thought? So that may be my next move.. just one offs to put my illustrations on, around and in. Exciting!


A friend from the village Jocie Purcell has started a new venture in photography and it sounds exciting! here's a picture and a link to a bid for votes. Please go and vote and help her make her dream come true. Thanks...I'm going to be watching out for more news and when I get it I'll post it up.

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I've just come back from this and was really lovely to see a movement on from last year, and still the work I liked last year holds it's gaze for me and has come out stronger than last year too. Those that stood out were Shelly Tregonning, Faye Dobinson, Emma Griffin and Pippa Young. I don't have any links as yet but maybe google them if you can?

My lovely and talented friend Faye Dobinson ( I would put a link here for her but her site is not online at the moment) is having a joint show with her fellow students on the Fine Art course at UCF. It is being curated by Lisa Wright and Faye.There is a preview this Monday at the Poly in Falmouth, which I will be going to! So if you fancy it, please pop along to see them and their great work too. I think it's up the stairs in the really large room at the back again. Last time there was live music, great great food and lots of buzzy, arty atmosphere. Worth the effort or just an excuse to get your smart casuals on and have a look! see you there.

Saturday, 17 September 2011



I went to see Sax Impey's solo show at the Millenium Gallery in St Ives last night. Was a lovely evening of art, great company and arty chat and the show was great too. There were a couple that stood out especially and although they are lovely paintings, the brochure makes them look more stunning than they are in the flesh. I wanted  more contrast and less spray. But he's doing it right and selling at the right price, so what do I know? There were lots selling and that's mainly from the catalogue on the first night!


My bro has set up his own press while teaching on the BA Illustration Course. He heads up the course in Swindon and because he hasn't the time to do his own work at home out of hours, he's set this up so he has somewhere for the students and himself to make some new work. The first book was published through blurb but the link to his blurb page isn't working so here they are below. Looking good Big bruv.


and here's a link, again from Georgie. We were chatting about art shops closing and art suppliers in general and a couple online came up. One being Great Art

...and the other who do good box frames is Jacksons


For those of you who enter, or want to enter competitions, this is a great site - Artists Competitions  and their facebook page. You can sign up for their newsletter and get emails of competition deadlines etc in good time to catch one you like the look of. I was also talking to a fine art, MA graduate last night and he mentioned another site and here it is Interestingly he was talking about the cost of entering competitions and how much they are now. I was emailed this link to an article on just this. Re: great open submission swindle. Worth a read and has been very much my experience of organising events in the past couple of years but ever so worth it all too.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Those of you who are local and are artists, who buy supplies from one of the few art shops in the area,  will be sad to hear that Arts and Graphics on Redruth High St is closing down at Christmas. The good news is that all their stock will be half price from Mon 19th Sept! shame and let's hope that Truro Arts fills the hole and can keep up with our demands!


Georgie of studionumbersix has just posted up the new work that she is working on with the Cold Press and Alex Higlet, also from studionumbersix. Here's the link to Georgies blog. Also very exciting that the Newlyn School of Art has opened it's doors today offering all sorts of courses and artists resources!


My lovely friend Amy (Adele Seymour) sent me this link which is full of lovely retro illustrations. Mainly from Children's books I think. Thanks Amy.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I have been meaning to set a links, information page up for a while now. As a creative who is always looking for new and exciting projects and things to inspire me, I felt compelled to share them with the world. With the nature of the internet, this will reach a global audience, making connections that spread far and wide, but I am really interested in connecting on a more local level also. I was born and bred in Cornwall, and in 2005 I returned to the county and now continue to work as full-time illustrator. I predominantly illustrate children's books with other regular jobs and clients in Australia and the USA. I have recently gained an MA in Illustration with Authorial Practice bias at UCF, which has propelled me forward with a new and exciting outlook on the world of authorial illustration. I want this blog to grow and flourish as a resource for creatives in general, but with a bias towards illustration. I intend to eventually include, information on studios, collectives, general advice for practitioners and anything that I come across that I feel would benefit and enhance the practice of creatives on a local and global scale. Pop in any time and feel free to email me anything you find interesting or inspiring.